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I tried to open it in mac, and it says it can't open the app! Doesn't even say why

And why does it have Majorariatto's icon?

Oh, nevermind, it already opened

Fun game, althought not sure I understood the ending

I had fun with playing the game. Although there was a bit of a lack in elements to the game I still had fun with it.

I couldn't help but immediately think of the Monkey Island games when I saw an adventure puzzle game involving pirates. I guess there's no surprise in that sentiment, but I can see the originality of this game after giving it a playthrough!

Having a timeframe to complete all of the tasks and find all of the secrets makes things really intense, and it took me more than one playthrough to do everything. It was very well put together, and it looks as good as it plays.

Short but sweet, for sure! Although I could really see this as a level-based game, where each level is a different scenario, all with time limits to complete and pass them all. But this mini-experience is a great little standalone game either way.

So if you want to have a quickfire puzzle experience, give this game a whirl =)

Visually stunning. Simplistic in the best possible way. Not too difficult to solve, but it does take some effort, which was enjoyable!


amazing art concept, thats the 60% of the game,  makes me wish the story continues

PS: Good idea to have the other boy in the kitchen giving clues, it was vert helpful

Do you have any plans for a Linux version?

If not, then I'd better get back to figuring out how to install WINE...

Is the inspiration of this game Sid Meier's Pirates?  If so, I'm definitely trying this.

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It is not actually. My inspiration were Dropkick Murphys :)

Oh.  My bad.  


its free. why not try it?

I did.  It was very fun.

inspiration seems drawn alot from Monkey Island series


Nice art, but hard to understand what to do. I was eventually able to get the fish and give it to the cook and clean up the mess on deck. However, I didn't know what to do with the bottle, apple and fish bone.

Thank you, we are aware of this and currently we try to make the game a little more clear. As it was our first atempt to create a game we now know we have to add more time to testing and UI next time.

Cute little game! For a first game is really good


Thank you, we´ve all gained a lot of experience on this game.

Lovely art design! I'll try it soon.

Thank you. Let us know how you like it :)

Looking forward to updates, this was fun, we need more pirate adventures. And definitely someone walking the plank. :)


Ahh walking a plank is definitely one of features we wish to implement! And some sneaky shark too!

As a fan of Monkey Island this really stood out to me! I love the look of this game! Would like to have had more morally grey choices to make and can see this being a fully fledged game! 

Haha, you are not the first one to think of Monkey Island when playing Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! we are obviously very pleased to hear that.

We hope to be able to implement some extras soon, but I cannot promise anything just yet.

I will definitely keep my eyes open:)

Hey, I really enjoyed this one! Great work, especially for a first game. Cheers!

Haha, just a question, who are you to poke parrot with a stick ?! Just kidding, thank you for playing :)

This was so good! I love the art style and the aesthetic that you've gone for, it really works!! I would love to see this as a full game!

(This is the first game on the video)

Oh wow! We are blushing!